What Makes Us Different?

In a phrase superior quality and service at affordable prices, easy to say but how do we manage it?

Well first of all we have enjoyed a 25 year long direct working relationship with the largest and most successful kitchen manufacturer in Europe.

We have had the luxury of developing our standards alongside the most efficient, disciplined, modern factory in the Industry. Such a long and prosperous relationship, together with the volumes of kitchens now coming from our Manufacturing Partner into the UK, means we enjoy the best possible buying prices for a product that is already cost well below most other German Kitchen Brands.

High gloss kitchen

When we say that we can often beat the price of nationally known domestic brands we really mean it. Get in touch and we will do our best to prove it.

Our partner never makes mistakes, never gets it wrong and never accepts that OK is good enough, we strive to do the same. A famous quotation is written on all of our business computers and that quote is.

“We all strive to reach perfection knowing that we will never get there but along the way we do catch up with excellence”


So Difference number one is the superior quality, made to order rigid kitchen furniture our manufacturing partner produces.

Difference number two is truly professional efficient design coupled with the most efficient, highly automated, very high volume manufacturing facility in Europe leading to a price point for german kitchens unrivalled in the UK.

The owners of our business grew up designing, supplying and installing kitchens, in high volumes, to the largest and best known Builders and Developers in the UK.

Efficient, Ergonomic and Aesthetically pleasing design is crucial to the building industry but just as important is service and price, to be able to successfully service the building industry.

For over 25 years and to enjoy a reputation as the go to kitchen company in the Industry is testament to our ability and standards. So we know everything about cost efficient aesthetically pleasing design.

High gloss kitchen
Classic Shaker kitchen

Can any of our High Street or Retail Park competitors say the same?

Inevitably those same standards rub off on us, we strive to match the standards set by our manufacturing partner.

Service throughout our customers journey from first contact to the completion of their dream kitchen. All of our staff have been thoroughly trained both here in the UK and in Germany, every one of our designers know our product inside out and our standards of design are so highly thought of that we have been asked to design displays for the factory's flagship showroom in Germany.

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For further ideas or prices please contact our experienced kitchen design team.

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