Get 15% Off your new Kitchen with Preston’s ‘Big Spring Clean’

Get 15% Off your new Kitchen with Preston’s ‘Big Spring Clean’

Earlier this month, Prestons Kitchens introduced our customers to an exciting new initiative that’s aimed at making the most of the space in your home during 2018. Designed to give you and your family a wide range of ideas for how you can clear the clutter and make the most of your home’s potential, the ‘Big Spring Clean’ was launched to give homeowners up and down the country the ultimate ways to get organised.

In the first of this month’s Spring Clean features, we take a look at 5 key areas of the kitchen that can be improved upon to free up much needed room for all those essential pieces of equipment that you’ll require throughout the Summer months. From the introduction of extra compartments in your drawers to the sensible organisation of your pantry, we’ve delved into some of the kitchens messiest areas to help you create a serene environment.

As an added incentive to help you put these ideas into action, we’re also happy to announce our ‘Big Spring Clean’ competition that we’ll be running throughout the month through our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Carry on reading for further details!

5 Steps to creating an organised Kitchen

Step 1: Departmentalising your cabinets

If you’re anything like most of the UK, one of the main areas that always causes a great deal of headache in the kitchen is the kitchen cabinets. Whilst available for a wealth of different uses, many kitchen cabinets seem to become cluttered over time, with pots and pans stacked annoyingly with Tupperware of all shapes and sizes until you get to a point where everything bursts out as soon as you open a door.

To solve this age-old issue, we’d always recommend departmentalising your cabinets so that everything is stored in size order, with a preference placed on use within the kitchen. Always make sure that easily stackable items such as pots, pans and baking trays are stored in base cupboards or low deep drawers as this way they’re unlikely to spill out. Then place smaller, lighter items in shallower drawers where they can’t move freely. You can then add cupboard inserts or drawer separators to ensure that you more effectively utilize any unused space that is available.

Step 2: Separate your drawers

We’ve all been there, gone to look for that peeler or set of tongs only to be overwhelmed by utensil after utensil that have enveloped the kitchens of your drawers in a chaotic manner. Well it’s now time to take back your drawers and ensure there is a place for everything by creating neatly organised dividers within your drawers.

Whilst some of you may already be doing this with conventional drawer dividers, with the introduction of in-drawer slider dividers and additional drawer separators, you can now make sure that your drawers each have neatly defined locations for each piece of cutlery, utensil or knife set. This will make sure that you have everything to hand next time you need it.

Step 3: Create a tidy pantry

Although some of you may not have a pantry, when storing food and larger pieces of equipment it’s important to remember that ‘size is everything’. What we mean by this is make sure that larger pieces of equipment or food types are stored towards the back of the kitchen, with smaller items towards the front. That way everything is easy to access when you most need it.

As advocators for additional storage gadgets when they’re most needed, we’d also advise on making sure that there’s retractable kitchen shelving cupboards (should room allow) as they make sure that smaller food stuffs are tidied away and are kept cool and dry at all times.

Step 4: Keeping your oven and grill clean

For most families the one area that is impossible to keep clean is the oven and grill, especially if it’s used regularly for entertaining or large family dinners. But whilst it may take a bit of elbow grease and some forward planning to keep the oven clean, if done correctly you’ll avoid the house filling with nasty burnt-on food smells and oily smoke every time you open the door.

Whilst some more modern ovens are easy to keep clean because of anti-stick coatings and ceramic parts, there are a number of easy ways to ensure that your oven and grill remains clean throughout the year. This useful how to Guide from Good Housekeeping is the perfect resource for this and follows many of the techniques that we provide to the customers of our Lancashire showrooms.

Step 5: Caring for your worktops

Although many modern worktops such as granite, ceramic and Stainless Steel are very easy to care for and keep clean, there are a number of other worktop surfaces that require a bit of extra TLC. The main culprit to fall under this trap is the heavy-duty wooden worktop.

Whilst wooden worktops such as Oak and Walnut look fantastic and can last for years if maintained correctly, there are a number of regular treatments that you’ll need to make to your work surface to ensure that it’s well looked after throughout the year. To help with this, the design team at online interiors magazine Houzz have created a fantastic guide on how to care for your wooden worktops that we’d thoroughly recommend.

The Big Spring Clean Competition:

So, now that you’ve found out a bit more about how to care for your kitchen and get it wonderfully tidy this Spring, we’d like to see you put these tips into action with your own Big Spring Clean. Whether your kitchen is big or small, old or new, we want to hear from you on how you’ve transformed the organisation of your kitchen and truly set your kitchen up for the rest of 2018.

For this and our Big Spring Clean competition, we’re proud to announce that we’re going to be giving away a fantastic 15% off voucher for only lucky winner. To enter with your Big Spring Clean attempt, simply take a before and after picture of your kitchen and then either send them with your name to, or post them on our Facebook page with the hashtag #mybigspringclean.

Entries close on Sunday 3rd June where our favourite transformation will be selected from the entries received. Good Luck and have a Happy Spring Clean!