Creating a Kitchen that’s perfect for Winter Entertaining

Creating a Kitchen that’s perfect for Winter Entertaining

With Autumn now firmly upon us and Christmas only just around the corner, it’s that time of year where you’ll once again welcome more family and friends in to your home for festive parties or autumnal meals. Whilst the conventional part of the home for such events to take place would generally be the living or dining room, we all know that the main location that everyone congregates to is the kitchen, so it’s essential that your kitchen is perfectly fitted to suit such occasions.

Whether you’re just looking to put on a few drinks or are planning for the perfect dinner party, the kitchen is the one room where everyone feels at ease. It’s therefore important that you create a space that is open, airy and full of interesting features to provide a relaxed and welcoming environment that you and your guests can enjoy. Whilst the amount of space you have can cause issues with this, with the right planning and a few essential touches, your kitchen will be the perfect location. With this in mind we’ve taken a look at a number of areas that will ensure your kitchen is the hub of all your parties this Winter.

Central entertaining feature

At the heart of every party is the perfect spot where drinks are made, food is enjoyed and conversation is embraced. Within the kitchen this would generally be a central island that is overflowing with goodies, or a large welcoming dining table that guest flock to.

Again, the best solution for this is generally decided upon based on the space you have available, but we’d always recommend a low-level feature that has plenty of room as well as enough worktop space to allow guests to spread out and feel relaxed.

For this something such as one of Nobilia’s island systems from the natural living Riva 893 range would provide the perfect solution. This unique island can seamlessly integrate appliances and can be custom built to fit into the exact space you’re looking to fill.

Ample seating

Whilst we all know that during a party or family gathering most people prefer to stand and chat whilst socialising in the kitchen, it’s always important to ensure that you have plenty of comfortable seating so that guests don’t become uncomfortable and feel the need to relocate to another room.

If you’re looking to implement an island feature or breakfast bar, both of these solutions will provide this extra level of seating, as both come with integrated seating solutions and enough room to add additional chairs.

Alternatively, brands such as Nobilia are beginning to embrace a new and contemporary range of bench seating areas for the kitchen that serve as the ideal solution for modern day entertaining. Formed as part of collections such as the renowned Laser 417 range, this unique look on kitchen seating is becoming increasingly popular in town houses and modern flats.

Homely Touches

Whilst many ultra-sleek and modern German kitchens have a tendency to feel a little too cool as the winter months draw in, with the right finishing touches you can ensure that even the whitest of kitchens feels welcoming.

First of all, it’s important that you get warm and romantic lighting that gives a very natural feel to the room. Use bright led bulbs with a deeper yellow hue to create a warming glow, and then accessorize plants and windows features with yellow glowing fairy lights to add a richer depth of lighting.

Once you’ve set the mood with the correct lights and autumnal decorations, it’s then all down to providing a rich and warming selection of food and drink that will keep your guests exciting throughout the evening.

However, if you’re looking to go one step further and create a more traditional German kitchen for your home, Nobilia also design a wide range of kitchens with a country feel that add a natural cosy ambience to any home. An example of this is the stunning York 905 range which has a quintessentially English feel about its ‘look and feel’.

We hope this helps to give you some exciting ideas and inspiration on how you can get your kitchen ready for entertaining this Winter, but for further ideas please email a member of the Preston Kitchens team on