Create the perfect match day atmosphere within your home

Create the perfect match day atmosphere within your home

To celebrate Preston’s Kitchens Fantastic Summer competition where lucky winner Emma Smith walked away with a state-of-the-art 55” TV, we’re taking a look at how you can utilize the kitchen to make sure that you and your friends don’t miss a minute of the action.

As one of the main entertaining rooms of any house, the kitchen offers a variety of different ways to watch the world cup. Whether you choose to watch the next game over dinner with friends or get everyone you round to enjoy the match over drinks, there are a number of essentials that you’ll need to bear in mind.

Setting the Scene:

Whilst you may already have an existing TV within your kitchen, if you’re inviting a lot of friends and family around it’s essential that you get equipment that everyone can see and hear.

At Preston’s we’ve got a great deal of experience in integrating largescale HD TV’s into the walls or cabinets of your kitchen, ensuring the perfect viewing. In additional to this we can also integrate wireless speaker systems by brands such as Sonnos or Bang & Olufsen within your kitchen, creating the perfect level of sound and make sure it feels like you’re actually at the game.

Creating enough liquid refreshments:

Whilst some guests may bring their own beverages, in order to create a party atmosphere and make sure everyone’s drinks are topped up, it’s important that you create enough drinks stations. From integrating the ideal fridge freezer with a built-in ice machine to providing expert drinks makers and cocktail mixers, Prestons can design your kitchen with each of your guests in mind.

However, if a serene setting is more your thing and you’d prefer to watch the ‘big game’ over a glass or 2 of the finest claret, our team can also provide a beautiful selection of integrated wine fridges that will keep each bottle perfectly chilled.

Making sure guests are well fed:

No game would be complete without a few nibbles over your favourite drink, so it’s essential that you have the right devices to make this important task run seamlessly. Within our kitchen collection we have a fine selection of German engineered ovens, range cookers and grills that will help you to serve up the perfect half time snacks.

What’s more, because all of our kitchen appliances are made to measure, we can develop a dining setup that will work around you and your guest’s exact requirements.

We hope this helps to give you some much needed inspiration for how you can create the perfect environment in which you can entertain guests, but to find out more please call a member of our kitchen team on 01772 701993.