How to choose the perfect colour to fit the space of your Kitchen

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How to choose the perfect colour to fit the space of your Kitchen

Interior decorating is bound to befuddle the best of us at times. Even in our ideal home, there will be challenges and setbacks between planning and implementing colour schemes, décor, and furnishings. Preston’s can help you utilise the space in your home to ensure optimum kitchen space is achieved. Whether you are in a small terraced house or flat, or a large detached abode, you can benefit from clever use of colour and design to ensure your kitchen always feels like home.

Probably the most important element in any home interior design is colour. The right shade can make a room seem larger, smaller, longer, and friendlier, or can even give a room the illusion of being tidier.

When trying to increase the perceived size of any space, using light and cool colours should be your first focus. White is generally most effective, but colours such as taupe, beige, light grey, or pale yellow will also do. However, when done well using dark colours may not have an adverse effect on the size of a room. If you use one uniform shade with no borders or trim to break up space, your room will seem larger but still feel cosy. When choosing paint try to find a good quality satin, semi-gloss, or gloss mixture, as reflective surfaces make a space seem larger. Preston’s offers a variety of high gloss fixtures that will fit your ideal style.

If you are working with a space that feels large, cold, and empty, dark and warm colours will make it feel comfortable. Painting walls with dark colours gives the impression that they are closer, reducing the perceived size of a room. Where high gloss makes spaces seem bigger, matte paints and fixtures will make your kitchen seem smaller and more personable. We encourage you to browse the matte fixtures Preston’s offers, as you are sure to find what you need for your perfect home.

At times, size is not the issue. If you have a kitchen space that is not an ideal shape, be it too long, narrow, or have undesirable features, you can use colour tricks to disguise what you dislike and emphasise focal points. Where there are low ceilings, using vertical stripes on the walls will lift the ceiling and create space. If your room is too long, painting the shorter walls in the room a colour many shades darker than the long walls will reduce the length of the space.

To reduce the appearance of clutter, try to keep colours in your kitchen as uniform as possible. By minimising the appearance of appliances and furnishings, you can deflect attention away from unattractive areas.

Keep in mind where your kitchen gets natural lighting, so you can use this to your advantage. Light will always make a space feel homely and roomy, so feel free to explore the range of kitchen lighting solutions Prestons has to offer.

That being said, the most important thing to consider is your personal style. Every rule is made to be broken, and there is no right way to design a kitchen. It is our joy to help you create the kitchen you want and need, so feel free to contact us today on 01772 701993 or email